Student Leadership Basic Training

Hello Everyone!

In this post i will tell you about my school activitiy.
At my school, every week usually held events like Qurtsa or Qurban Tsalatsa,World tournament, Gathapraya, Tuan Dirga,and Student Leadership Basic Training
But in this post i will only tell you one of them, i will tell you about Student Leadership Basic Training.

Student leadership basic training event held on 21 of September 2017. Student will training by soldiers for three days in Pussenif. We must come in Pussenif at 06.30 am. Before the training begin we devided into sereval groups, and i am in group H

At first day we have to do opening ceremony. After that we get into hall to hear speech from school headmaster. and we are given leadership materials. After that we have lunch. Before we get food we have to singing very loudly and after we get food we stop singing and eat the food and of course we pray first. At there we to be training to eat fast and im not enjoy the food because im eat very fast. After we lunch we have to pray dzuhur,so we go to mosque  and we told to bring our bag to barak,and barak's name is dharma 4 . We back to hall to given materials again until 17.00 pm and we goes to barak and pray ashar in barak we have break until 19.00 pm After that we go to hall again to given materials and i very sleepy and finally at 21.00 the materials are finish but before we go back to barak we have to doing night ceremony after that we have to sleep at 23.00 but while we sleep we wake up with alarm at 00.00 and we must wear uniform but because we are panic we haven't wear uniform and we get punishment we have to do face downward at yard and do push up after that we go to mosque to doing pray tahajud after finish we back sleep

On second day we have to be given training PBB so we go to yardafter we have breakfast,we have to be given trainimng PBB until  16.00 and of course interspersed with break and at the afternoon we have to go to garden Tomb of Heroes or Taman Makam Pahlawan (TMP) and we go there by walking. After we arrived, we have to do pray maghrib and after that we to do caraka malam. In caraka malam we have to devided into sereval group,1 group are 3 person and after that we walking at TMP and we have to delivered the message to last pos. At along the way we must past and solve challenges at pos. So many pos we have to pass and before we get to last pos we are asked to tell the message but we think that pos is not the last pos so we are not tell the message and because we not tell the message we get punishment. We have to push up and walking squat after that we told to last pos at last pos we are given "the magic candy" and the taste is so bitter after that we should push up and tell the message so that we can spit out the candy and get drink after get drink and some foods,we can waiting our other friends.  Because we are so sleepy we accidentally fall sleep on the ground. And i woke up because the atmosphere was very cold there. After that we must form a circle and in the middle of circle there is already fire,we must throw paper that we get at first pos.  After that we must walking to back to pussenif. We arrived at pussenif at 2.00 am and we can sleep back at barak

On last day, we play outbound. There are approximately 10 games we have to play. After that we have lunch and we pray dzuhur. We came back to barak and we watching film G30SPKI and because i think the film is very boring so i am very sleep. After that finally we told to prepare the bag and bring it to yard and we have to closing ceremony. After ceremony can go home yeay!

Yeah! That is my experience at student leadership basic training
And i think the event its so exiting
I hope you all enjoy reading my story.
Thank you.