my holiday plan

in this post i want to post my conversation with my friends,Fiandra and Kayla.We talk about our holiday plan

Kayla:"So,where are you guys going to do this holiday?"
Fiandra:"I think i am going to go to Purwakarta or Jakarta and visit my family there. How about you Alitha?"
Alitha:"hmm i will going to visit my grandmother in Pangandaran, And you Kayla?"
Kayla:"I usually go to my uncle's house at the end of the year. But not to celebrate new year though.We just kind of hang out playing xbox all night."
Fiandra:"oh yeah me too me and my family often roast corn on midnight,or we watch some movie"
Alitha:" i usually play with my cousins in the holiday and we eat grilled sausages together "
Kayla:"wow seems interesting!"
Fiandra:"would you like to see firework,guys?"
Alitha:"Yes,of course me and my family usually see firework until midle night"
Fiandra:"And you,kayla? what about you?"
Kayla:" No i dont like something nasty,loud,bothering,annoying stuff like that"
Alitha:"And you Fiandra?"
Fiandra:"like kayla. i dont like see firework"
Kayla:"Ok guys.your holiday plans seem interesting,i hope you have a nice holiday"
Alitha:"Yeah! i hope you have a nice holiday too"
Fiandra:"Yes, happy holiday guys!"