Dago Dream Park

Hello everyone!

At this time, I'm Alitha and my friend Fiandra would like to describe you a place. It is a tourist destination in North Bandung, Dago Dream Park. 
You can see video description about dago dream park on this linkhttps://youtu.be/vluKJnWprxc

For tourist matters, Bandung never ends up presenting the tourist attraction. Now, in Dago Giri the 22 km, Mekarwangi, Lembang, North Bandung, West Java there is opened a place called Dago Dream Park. According to the name "dream park" the place has an area of about one hectare, it present a lot of rides, especially for kids. 
Because of Dago Dream Park location is hilly there are some rides area. In the highest place, you can find many rides for kids and archery venue. And also available a restaurant with traditional and Europe foods. In that area too, there a park field. The park field is so spacious, so it is divided some area again. In that place, you can make use of bus facilities that will take you to the low area.  In weekdays it is free, but in weekend it is prices 10.000 rupiahs for one down and up. 

Well, while in the low area you can find some water rides those are very exciting. There are also Kora-kora (a swing boat), ATV,  anti-gravity house (a house that design upside down, you can find the roof below and the floor above you), horses rides, and many more. For you that loves trekking and mini hiking, Dago Dream Park is the right place for you. There is outbound that we will hunt traces in a hilly place. This place is surrounded by pine, so we can feel a real nature with rides inside there. 

I think the most searched by everyone is a photo spot. Don't worry, it provides some great photo spot. For instance the hammock where we can climb onto it and it is arranged in storied. Of course it is an unique photo spot. 
Dago Dream Park that open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. is the right place for you that want to enjoy rides in the naturr. Beside the place is very good the ticket is not expensive. For each person up to 2 years old have to pay 15.000 rupiahs to get enter. Then the rides ticket is divided into three parts. Ticket A, which is the cheapest one, 15.000 rupiahs. Ticket A is used for rides like flying fox and Kora-kora. Two of tickets A can be exchanged to a stick yoghurt. 
Ticket B is 25.000 rupiahs. It is used for rides like boat, fishing, and horses rides. Two of tickets B can be exchanged to an ice cream. And the last is ticket C which is 35.000 rupiahs. It is used for archery and big kids park. Two of them can be exchanged to a yoghurt. 

So that... I think that is all from me. 
We hope you enjoyed my description. Don't forget to visit Dago Dream Park!  

Thank you for reading.