Unforgetable experience


In this post i want to telling to you about my horrible experince

when i was about 5 years old, i had a horrible experience, at that time my family engage me to hospital to visit my sick aunt. On that day we went to hospital by a car

After we are arrived,we went to my aunt's room.my mom and my father talking with my aunt and my uncle. They talked for a long time,and i began to feel bored. Because i bored i went to oitside my aunt's room Unbeknownst to my parents. I went to look around the hospital. I saw rooms with a lot of patients who is sick and i went to pond with a lot of fish. I long enough to see fish in the pond.  After satisfied i want to went to my aunt's room. But i forget where my aunt's room i was confused and i'm crying

When i was crying, the nurse approached me. Then she took me to security post. I saw my father and my mom there. My parents run and hugged me, but im still scolded by my mom. We also very grateful to the nurse who had helped me. And until now,i am still remember thet experince

Thank you for reading my post! 
Bye! See you at next post!