Dialogue with Friend

This time i will publish my conversation with my friend
We meet at the book store near my school, i was reading a book about Doraemon and Fiandra come then we started a conversation

Fiandra:"Hi what are you reading?"
Me       :"Hi! im reading a book about doraemon"
Fiandra:"Oh!Do you like Doraemon? i like Doraemon too"
Me       :"Yes i do,So we like the same public figure. Im Alitha,what's yours?"
Fiandra:"Yes,Im Fiandra. Do you want to buy that book?"
Me       :"Yes, i will buy many books because my house is close to here"
Fiandra:"Where is your house?"
Me       :"My house is behind this book store.Is your house close to here too?"
Fiandra:"No, my house is far to here. At Rebana street number 24 ,And yours?"
Me       :"My house is at sari indah street number 16.What grade are you?"
Fiandra:"Im grade ten in third senior high school.And you?"
Me       :"Oh mee too! where is your classroom?"
Fiandra:"My classroom is on the first floor. X Science 3.Is your classroom at the second floor?"
Me       :"No.it is at third floor,X Science 7,Do you want buy some books?"
Fiandra:"Yes i do,and what will you do after buy this book?"
Me       :"I want to buy a CD film of Gibli.Do you like that film?"
Fiandra:"Sorry,i dont like that film"
Me       :"Ah sorry Fiandra I have to go now Nice to meet you Good bye!"
Fiandra:"Nice to meet you too,Good bye!"

Ah!That is my conversation with my friend at the book store
That is all from me in my second post,hope you all like my post
Thank you for reading!